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1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem each year. But do your employees know how to reach out for support?  Our teams have spent a few days getting their mental health training certificates so they can offer the best support for their colleagues and family/friends.  As a workplace that encourages positivity,
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There couldn’t be a better time to become a HGV driver. With the Driver Shortage at an all time high, still in the news most days, and the pressure on supply chains – HGV drivers are needed more than ever!  HGV Drivers – the industry needs you! What does a HGV driver do? HGV Driver
News headlines for our office
Wednesday, 15 December 2021 / Published in Business
“The office you’ll wish you worked in…” – Our new Liverpool HQ & wellbeing office is a workplace to thrive professionally and personally! Featured in the Liverpool Echo again, and here’s why… Rescue dogs, and our in-office dancefloor/premium presentation area, have caught the attention of the news. Want to know more? Check out the articles
Employee quitting
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An ‘unprecedented’ time, as we say… the era of ‘The Great Resignation’ is taking over workplaces across the UK. This blog will explore retention strategies aimed at employers struggling in the current climate, with the aim to make their workspace and company the place that workers want to work for.  Your team wants to be
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Writing a press release for a new office launch, building excitement on socials, teasing sneak peeks of the office internally and externally… it’s all important, but you need to make sure you add to your office move checklist: Plan an amazing office launch party! We’ve got some tips for moving into a new office… New
work summer party
Thursday, 01 July 2021 / Published in Career Advice
Dancefloor in the office. Is this a step too far?  It’s all happening here at Aspion… after so long of being locked down, and restricted, we are strutting over to our newly renovated headquarters! Wanna’ see?  The new space is impressive. Located in one of the tallest office buildings in Liverpool, it dominates the city
Friday, 25 June 2021 / Published in Business
“There has never been a more challenging time for the industry” The driver shortage “crisis” isn’t a new thing. A key and long-standing issue in the Transport and Logistics industry, recently surfacing in the news at the moment because of the recent huge drop off of drivers due to COVID-19 and Brexit. Brexit led to